Article updated for v2.0.10.

If Rambox fails to load an app, the app is unresponsive, or it does not work as intended, you may resort to the following troubleshooting steps:

First and foremost, open the web version of the app in your browser. To make sure whether this is a problem with the app you are trying to load or with Rambox, try opening the app’s URL in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). 

  • If the app doesn't work in your browser, this could be a problem with your internet connection or the website itself. We recommend checking for connectivity issues or contacting the website's support as well.
  • If the app works in your browser, you can try the following steps to fix the problem in Rambox:

    1. Remove the app and add it again

        Sometimes, somehow, apps fail to get our configurations.

        1- Remove the app following THESE STEPS.

        2- Add the app again following THESE STEPS.

    2. Change the app's profile

        1- Change the app's profile following THESE STEPS.

        2- You can also try using a "private" profile.

        3- Save the changes and reload the app.

    3. Free up RAM memory

        You may have run out of memory and Rambox cannot load your app properly. You can:

  • Disable every app and workspace except the one that shows issues.
  • Exit other apps or programs that are running on your computer.
  • Disable extensions.


    4. Free up disk space

        Your disk drive may be nearly full and Rambox cannot load your app properly:

  • Make sure that you have a considerable amount of free space in your hard disk.    
  • Free up space from the drive where Rambox is installed.  

    5. Restart Rambox

        1- Quit Rambox by clicking "File" > "Exit" in our top menu.

        2- Initiate Rambox again.

        3- Try loading the app where the issue appeared.

    6. Restart your computer

        Sometimes, other programs or apps running on your computer may interfere with the proper loading of apps.

        1- Restart your computer.

        2- Initiate Rambox.

        3- Try loading the app where the issue appeared.

If Rambox crashes, becomes unresponsive, or fails to initiate, you can also try the following steps:

    1. Uninstall Rambox and reinstall it

        There may be a problem with your installation.

        1- Uninstall Rambox following THIS TUTORIAL.

        2- Install the latest version of Rambox by downloading it from HERE.  

    2. Uninstall extensions

        One of your extensions could be causing a problem.

        1- Uninstall all your extensions.

        2- Add them one by one to see which one is causing trouble.

    3. Disable hardware acceleration

        There may be a problem with how your hardware works with Rambox.

        1-Click on your profile picture and access our “Settings”.

        2- In the “Compatibility” settings, disable “Use Hardware acceleration”.

        3-Restart Rambox.

If, after following all these suggested steps, you still have issues, contact us at and our team will gladly attend to your case.