Article updated for v2.1.0.

While you are using Rambox, your license is automatically checked and validated in the background. However, due to different reasons (connectivity issues, temporary issues in our servers, and alike), this process can fail.

When Rambox cannot validate your license in a 48-hour time-lapse, you will see a notification like this one at the top of your screen:

From this moment, you will have some time to check for connectivity issues or to restart our app to see if your license is validated by trying so. If it isn't, after the timer in the banner comes to 0, a new notification will be displayed, and you will be automatically downgraded to a Basic plan:

But don't worry! You have not lost your apps. Your license will be restored as soon as it gets validated successfully and you will be re-transferred to your corresponding plan.

Do not hesitate to contact us at our Helpdesk if you need further assistance with this matter.