Article updated for v2.3.2. 

Rambox offers different "link handling" options to decide how you would like links to be opened when clicked. These options can be accessed in the Apps' Settings. There, you can set the links to open in pop-ups, tabs, your default browser, or block pop-ups:

  • Default: open links with the default option set in our General Settings.
  • Block all pop-ups: prevent all pop-ups from showing.
  • Open all in pop-ups: open links in a new Rambox window.
  • Open all in default browser: open links in your default browser.
  • Open all in tabs: open links in a new tab.

By hovering over the "Tips!" button, you will find certain keys+click combinations that open links in different ways:

  • Middle-Click or Ctrl/Cmd+Click: opens the link in the background.

           *NOTE: In certain Linux distributions, this option will open the link in your default browser, but not in the background. 

  • Shift+Click: opens the link in a new tab.
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Click: opens the following menu to select how to open the link:

In addition to the previously mentioned options, the "Here" option opens the link in the very same app screen.

You can also copy the selected link to your clipboard by clicking on the "copy" icon:

Lastly, you can right-click your desired link, and you will find the same link-handling options in our context menu: