Article updated for v2.2.3.

When using Rambox, you may see a small colored dot over your apps' icons:

These are dot indicators that inform you about internal activity that requires your attention, or if there are actions needed on your side. If you hover over them, you will find information about what the dot tells you. There are two colors:

Yellow dot: The app needs your attention. This means that you need to log into this app, or that the app is waiting for some input on your side.

Red dot: This dot may be present in some apps and indicates that there is something to read in them. It does not show a number, but informs about activity in one channel or some internal activity that requires the user's attention.

Hibernation leaf: This indicator advises that the app is hibernated. You will also notice that, when an app is hibernated, its icon will be dimmed a bit. Please refer to THIS ARTICLE to learn more about our hibernation feature.