Article updated for v2.1.0.

Whenever you come across the following banner/notification in Rambox, it means that you have not had access to our servers for more than 48 hours:

This can be due to internet connectivity issues or, maybe, your internet connection does not allow you to access our servers. In some cases, if you are behind a proxy or using a VPN, they may be preventing you from establishing such a connection with us.

Therefore, Rambox will ask you to restore internet connectivity in order to get our latest configurations for a better performance. You must check your connection and make sure that you can access Rambox's services.
You can do so by trying to access the following URLs in your browser: 

Note: If you are behind a proxy or using a VPN and you notice you can't access those sites,

please whitelist them.

Once all that checking is done, all that remains in to click on the "get them now" button.

Do not hesitate to contact us at our Helpdesk if you need further assistance with this situation. We will gladly assist you.