As you may know, Rambox is an Electron-based app and, sadly, not all Chrome extensions are compatible with Electron, that's why we offer a curated list of extensions. We tested all extensions, but it could happen that somehow, an extension could be giving you issues. 

There are a few steps that you can follow to attempt to fix your extension's issue. Most of the issues are solved this way, so please try them before raising a ticket.

1- Click on the extension button (puzzle piece), then click on the plus icon to go to our Extension manager.

2- Once there, find the extension that you are having issues with, for this example it will be Grammarly. And proceed to uninstall it by clicking on the red trash can icon.

3- Restart Rambox.

4- Once restarted, re-add Grammarly (or your troubling extension).

5- Your issue should be solved, if not, please let us know through our Support portal.