In Rambox, we introduce Profiles.  A profile may be created for a set of apps. Assume you create a "Work" profile and use your work credentials to access Gmail. You can then add a Google Drive app anywhere in Rambox and assign it the "Work" profile, and it will log in with those credentials. You may also use several profiles to connect to the same app with different credentials.

You may also select a profile scheme for a workspace and all of its applications (with the "inherit from Workspace" setting, which is the default for nested apps), or a specific profile, or private if you wish all nested apps to have their own profile.

For apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Android messages, we recommend the private profile (isolated per app). From v2.0.1 this is the default when adding them.

You may even use various Gmail accounts in the same profile, and after you get your chosen email, you can select that URL as the app's default.


You can read a bit more about Profile at the following LINK