Article updated for v2.3.0.

In Rambox, you can easily create a tile view with the apps you want and, by a brief look, you can get the latest information from them. All tiles can be split vertically or horizontally, so you can have your desired layout in just a few seconds.

Let's create a new workspace with a "Tiles" layout. 

1- Click the plus button in the tab bar level where you want to add the new workspace.

2- Then click in "Add workspace".

3- The new workspace drawer will open.

Note: In this article, we'll focus only on the "Tiles" feature. If you need help with other Workspaces' settings, you can check the following LINK.

4- Choose from five different layout presets. The first one is the tab bar layout and the others are some tiles options.


5- Let's select the fourth option. Then click "+Add". 

And there's our new workspace with a "Tiles" layout!

Tiles buttons

Each empty (with no app assigned) tile has four buttons:


If you click the "Split down" button, it will split the tile horizontally, adding a new tile at the bottom of it. If you click the "Split right" button, it will split the tile vertically, adding a new tile to the right.


The red "X" button will remove the tile.

Add app

And last, the big "+" (plus) button will open the "Add" app drawer. 

Once you select the app that you want (in this example, Google Calendar) and add it, it will appear on the tile. If you need assistance on how to add apps, you can check the following LINK.

App's title bar

Once the tile is populated with an app, you'll find some useful buttons in its title bar:

Navigation buttons: You can go back and forward in the app, and also reload it from there.

Split buttons: They work the same way that the split buttons of the empty tile, adding a tile to the right or at the bottom.

The gear button: It'll open the quick settings for the app. This LINK can help you out with them. 

Also, if you double-click in the app's title bar it'll expand, and if double click again, it'll restore to its regular size.