Article updated for v2.0.1.

Click on your profile picture at the bottom left. Then select "Profile"


Here you'll see all the devices where you have logged in. You can remove, deactivate or set it as primary using the buttons on the left. In Pro plans you can have up to three devices at the same time, in Basic only one. The primary devices (up to two) will never get deactivate when adding a new device. When you deactivate a device, it will get lock until it is activated again. If you remove it, you'll get logged out in that device. 

Remove your Account

This will cancel your subscription and delete your account and all your data from Rambox (user, device and billing information). We'd be sorry to see you go, so please do not use this button unless you really need to!

Change your profile picture

If you click in your current profile picture, it will open a dialog where you can choose a different one. Once changed, you can remove it by clicking in the trash bin that appears when hovering the picture.

Sign out

Logging out your account will prompt the login dialog again.