Article updated for v2.2.2.

In Rambox, we offer a selected and tested group of Chrome extensions to integrate into your apps.

Password managers: Configure 1Password, Bitwarden, DashLane, Keeper, LastPass, NordPass, RoboForm or SafeInCloud, so you don't have to remember your passwords. We integrated the most popular password managers, so it's easier to log in to each app or autofill forms.

Grammar corrections: Get suggestions from Grammarly while you write in apps like Gmail, Slack, WhatsApp, social media, documents, messages, and emails.

No annoying ads: No one wants to accidentally click on an ad, right? Sometimes, apps put them in places where you are more likely to mistakenly click them. By using uBlock, you will not see any annoying ads and will prevent accidental clicking.

Translation: Translate any site from and into any language with the Google Translate extension.

Dark theme: If you want to protect your eyesight while working with your apps, you could easily apply dark themes to them with the Dark Mode and Dark Reader extensions.

Gmail extensions: Embrace email productivity with Boomerang and track responses or schedule replies to be sent later. Also, by adding the DragApp extension, you can turn your Gmail account into a shared collaborative board and drag emails from your inbox to custom boards/folders. In addition, we offer the Streak extension; a powerful CRM add-in you can integrate to your Gmail account.

As you may know, Rambox is an Electron-based app and, sadly, not all Chrome extensions are compatible with it. If you have an extension that you want us to add, you can contact us at Be aware that we'll try to keep that list populated only with extensions that enhance productivity. 

Extensions are assigned to profiles. You can read more about them in this LINK. Once you are focused on an app, you can click the puzzle piece in the tab bar.

It'll show you, if you have already some extension added to the profile, the extension icon with its options.

If you click on the plus icon, a drawer will open at the right of your screen.

In the title of the drawer, you'll get the profile of these current settings (in the previous screenshot, for a Slack app with 'Private' profile). In this other example, the extensions are for the Google SSO profile:

To assign an extension to a profile, you have to click the switch. It'll download the extension if you don't have it already.

Once installed, you'll get this banner in the app or apps of the profile and you'll need to reload them to load the extensions change. 

Some extensions, like Grammarly, will ask you to make an action to complete its integration. In those cases, a pop-up of the extension will appear. Be aware that, because the extension is assigned to a profile, you'll need to do this again to add it to other profiles because the profiles are isolated between them.

Also, some extensions have some extra settings that are accessible from the context menu.