Rambox is an application based in Electron which is based on Chromium as, for instance, Chrome, Edge and Brave among others.

Each app that you have inside Rambox is opened in a different webview. Depending on its profile setting, the app will share its partition with the apps of the same profile or will have its own local partition (private profile). All partitions are treated as if they were isolated browsers (in Chrome, all your tabs share an only partition).

Once you get logged in your app, credentials are stored in its local partition (as Chrome does) as well as the cookies for that app. We don't have any kind of credential handling because we know that privacy is of high importance for the Rambox user.

But what we do is store all your workspaces, apps and settings in our Firestore Database. So, when you get logged in from other devices, all your workspace is there, synced all the time.

You may ask: So, will I have to get logged in all my apps in the new device? The answer is "yes". As we said before, we don't store any kind of credentials (in our server) for security & privacy reasons, so you'll have to get logged in your apps in every new device. However, you will need to do it only once because credentials will be stored locally with the same security and ways that Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers rely on. To mitigate this task, we offer some third-party password managers in our extensions.

Some apps that are also based in the Electron Framework: WhatsApp, Atom, Visual Studio Code, Slack, Spotify, Microsoft Teams