Article updated for v2.0.9.

If you are having problems with sounds inside Rambox, please check the following information, grouped by different behaviors:

Some apps reproduce sounds but others don't

1. Check if the app option "Allow sounds" is enabled. You can find this option by reading this tutorial: How to configure/edit an existing app?

2. In Rambox, you can mute sounds of a workspace, meaning that all apps and workspaces nested inside it will get muted, so please check if the workspace has that option enabled. This article will help you out on how to do it: Apps and Workspaces quick settings

None of your apps reproduce sound

  1. First, check if your speakers work ok by reproducing sound from another app or website.
  2. Check if the Focus mode option is enabled.
  3. Another possibility, somehow, is that the Operating System is blocking the sounds of Rambox.
    1. On Windows, you can check this by going to the Sound Mixer. Read more HERE.
    2. On macOS, you can check this by installing an app. Get it HERE.
    3. On Linux (Ubuntu), you can read more HERE.