Article updated for v2.0.2

Click on your profile picture at the bottom left. Then select "Billing"

A drawer will open at the right of the screen, and you'll see the at the top the buttons to subscribe to our  Pro plans, and a spinner while your billing portal is loading.

Subscribe to (Monthly, Yearly of Lifetime):

By clicking on one of the options, a confirm dialog will appear and once you click "Yes" the action will be performed. You can switch your plan from Yearly to Monthly and vice-versa. If you pay a Lifetime plan, you cannot go back to other plans (also, you are awesome!).

Billing Portal

In this view, provided by our payment service provider (Stripe), you can see your current plan, check or edit your payment method, billing information and get access to your invoices.

Billing information

In the main page of the billing portal you can see your current billing information, you can change this data by clicking in "Update information". This information will be used to generate your invoices, if you need it to be changed, be aware that it must be changed before the invoice was generated.

Payment Methods

You can add a new payment method to your user by clicking in "+ Add payment method" of the billing portal.