As you may already know, we released a brand new Rambox version. This replaces Rambox Pro and introduces a renewed UI and the possibility to use extensions, among some exciting new features.

Your Rambox Pro license will unleash the full potential of this new version, giving you access to all these new features, including customizable workspaces, spell checker, integration of extensions, developer tools and more.

Get it using the auto-updater:

  1. Access Rambox Pro's About section by going to the Menu -> Help -> "About Rambox Pro".

  2. Once there, click on "Check for updates". Once it finishes downloading, click on the "Restart" button.

  3. Follow the installation process.

If somehow the auto-updater doesn't work, you can download manually the binary from our website: 

  1. Go to our website using this LINK or type in your browser
  2. You can find the installers by going to the Download button at the top-right.

  3. Download the installer that fits your OS, and then install it.

Once you install this new version:

  1. Use your Rambox Pro credentials to get logged in, and all your groups and apps will appear in it. Also, Rambox will automatically migrate all your sessions from the old Rambox Pro, so you don't have to log in again to all apps. 
  2. At this point, you may notice that you have two Rambox installed on your computer. If you have been following these steps, you can safely uninstall Rambox Pro.
  3. And that's it! Enjoy this new Rambox.

In case that you want to learn more about this version, please visit our website

If you like Rambox as much as we do, we are confident that you will also enjoy reading our blog post about this new journey.