In the Web admin, go to the “users” section.

Click on the user's eye button to edit. A drawer will open. 

In this case, the user has “intermediate” permissions, that's why we can see here the groups and apps of his team's workspace. But because the user has “intermediate” permission, he can also add his own groups and apps.

Let's add a group by clicking on the “Add group” button at the top right of the drawer.

Set up name, icon and the desired “Profile”. Then, click on the “Create” button and the group will be created.


And your new group will appear on the list.

 Now we're going to add a new app (Gmail)  to this group by clicking the white “plus” button.

You can find your app by selecting a category (in this case selecting Google)...

...Or filtering the apps by typing some letters of the app that you want.

Click on your desired app, choose your desired app settings, and then click the “Create” button. Ready! The app is added to the employees' workspace.