Let's create a Team!

1. Go to the Team's section in the Admin. Once there you'll see a table with the Default Team.

2. Click on the "+ Team" button.

3. A drawer will open. In it, set the name and description of your new team; then click the "Add" button placed at the bottom left of the drawer and your team will be created.

4. Now let's add a workspace to the team. Click the team to which you want to add the new workspace.

5. Then, a list showing all the workspaces inside that team will appear to the right. Click the "+ Workspace" button.

6. Just as you did with the team, set a name and description for the new workspace, then click on the "Add" button and the new workspace will be created.

To learn more about how to edit teams and workspaces, please refer to this article

Once you have set up your teams and their workspaces, it's time to add apps and groups to them.

If you want to know how to add groups and apps to the workspace, please follow this link.