In order to add members to your organization you'll have to send them invites.

1. In the Web Admin, go to the "Users" section.

2. Once there, click the  "+Add" button at the top right of the main section and a drawer will open:

3. Fill it with the data of the recipient of the invitation.

First name: the name of the user.

Last name: the surname of the user.

Email: user's email.

Permission: here you have three options:

  • Basic: The user will only have access to the apps and groups pre-assigned to his team and workspace.
  • Intermediate: it has the assigned workspace of the team but also has the ability to add its own groups and apps.
  • Full: The user doesn't have a pre-assigned team nor a workspace. He can manage his workplace by adding groups and apps freely. 

Admin: Determines if the recipient of the invite will have access to the Web Admin.

Support: Determines if the "Support" section of Rambox will be shown in the user's desktop app.

4. Once you fill in all the required fields, you are now ready to send the invite by pressing the "Invite" button at the bottom right of the drawer.

The user will receive an email just like this one in his mailbox:

To finish the setup, the user has to click the "Set up account" button and follow the steps provided. This process is explained in the "Set up a user from email invitation" article.