Article updated for v2.2.3

With your Pro license of Rambox, you can have a maximum of 3 active sessions and unlimited machines registered. This means, you can use up to three machines at the same time.

A similar example of this behavior is WhatsApp Web, where you can keep logged in up to four devices. However, when you have reached the linked devices' limit, you'll need to log out from an already logged in device in order to link a new one.

In Rambox, you are able to switch from one registered machine to another and start using your account without losing your account synchronization. That means, that you'll be able to start using it immediately by just clicking a button and without having to log in to Rambox again, nor log out a previous machine. 

When you have reached the limit of active sessions, your oldest machine logged in will be deactivated automatically. Once you come back to using that machine, you'll see the following screen:

By clicking "Use here", you'll be able to use this machine and, once more, your oldest machine logged in will be deactivated.

If you need some machines to be always active, you can set them as "primary machines". You can set up to 2 active machines. Active machines will never be deactivated by a new machine trying to activate.

You can set your primary machine by accessing the "Profile" section, clicking on your profile picture. Then, click on your desired primary machine and, finally, click on the star icon. 

Also, from the Profile section, you can deactivate a remote machine by clicking on the lightning icon.

Finally, you can even delete a remote machine by clicking on the trash bin icon. Doing so, that machine will get logged out. In order to use Rambox in that machine, you'll have to sign in again.