Article updated for v2.2.3.

One of the cool features of Rambox is that you can configure each app to hibernate/sleep after a certain amount of inactivity time, and even start them hibernated.

This will help you to free up memory if the app is not being used for a while. However, we do not recommend using this feature in Email or Messaging apps, which are constantly checking in the background if there is a new email or message for you.

To enable this feature, you have to go to the settings of the app. Right-click on the app's icon, go to "Settings", and you will find the option above the "Advanced" section.

When you add them, all apps are set to hibernate after 15 minutes by default. Some special apps like those related with Messaging and Email have hibernation disabled by default.

Note: If, at the moment of hibernation, the app is playing or streaming audio, hibernation is prevented.

When an app is hibernated, its icon will be dimmed a bit and a small green leaf will appear on top of the icon. Please refer to THIS ARTICLE to learn more about our indicators.

In case that the app hibernates automatically, you will see a screen like the following. Note that, at the right-bottom corner of the screen, you have a switch which helps you to quickly prevent that app from hibernating.