Article updated for v2.0.6.

App manager

This panel will show you some metrics in real time for each of your apps (and other Rambox processes).

You can open this panel by clicking on the menu button, View and then App manager, or using the shortcut (Alt + Shift + Del):


You'll see this grid with App's name and metrics. Also, you can disable the app or kill the process:


Popup blocked

If your app has the "Block all popups" configuration enabled, and you are trying to open one, Rambox will show you a notification with the options to either "Show once" or "Open all in browser". If you click on the first button, Rambox will bypass the "Block all popups" just for this time, and the popup will open. On the other hand, if you click on the second option, this and future popups of the app will be open in the browser from now onwards.


You can change these settings by right-clicking the app, going to settings, and then "Link handling"

High CPU

When Rambox detects any app is consuming a high amount of CPU, you'll be notified, so that you can take any desired action and maybe prevent this "malfunctioning" app from jeopardizing other apps usage or slowing Rambox in general.

Options are:

  • Reload: reloads the specific application. This could be useful if the CPU overflow is not a recurrent issue (non-frequent problem).
  • Disable: disables the specific application. This could be useful if the CPU overflow is a recurrent-frequent issue (potentially an internal app error is causing CPU overflow).

High idle CPU

When Rambox detects any app is consuming unusual amounts of CPU for a short period of time (i.e. 30 seconds), the app is marked as "idle". You'll be notified, so you can take any desired action, as described above in "High CPU".

If you need to disable these notifications, you can achieve it by disabling the app's consumption monitor in general settings.

App's Info, Warning and Error notifications

Sometimes applications update their version, make functionality changes, fix known issues, or they have troubles with their server's uptime. This could affect on how Rambox works with them and, maybe, cause a specific app to malfunction. When this happens, Rambox's Team will add temporary notes for those apps, so next time you open them you'll see some information if something is happening. These notes may be a simple information notification, a relevant warning, or a critical error notification.