Article updated for v2.3.2.

Rambox's features and options can also be accessed by shortcuts.

You can see and enable/disable them in the Shortcuts panel, accessed by clicking on your profile picture, and then selecting "Shortcuts":

This is the list of available shortcuts:

App/Workspace navigation

Back to previous app

Windows/Linux: two times CTRL or ALT + Backspace

Mac: two times Cmd or ALT + Backspace

Navigation with Arrows

Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + Arrows

Mac: Cmd + ALT + Arrows

Switch tabs

Windows/Linux: CTRL + TAB, CTRL + SHIFT + TAB


Go to specific tab

Windows/Linux: CTRL + (1 to 0)

Mac: Cmd + (1 to 0)

Back/Forward in apps

Windows/Linux: ALT + Left / ALT + Right

Mac: Cmd + Left / Cmd + Right

Jump to Workspace

Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + PgUp/PgDn

Mac: Cmd + ALT + PgUp/PgDn

*NOTE: In macOS laptops, the PgUp/PgDn keys are accessible through the "Fn" key and the "Up" and "Down" arrows, so the shortcut will be the following: Cmd + ALT + Fn + ArrowUp/ArrowDown

Sections and Features


Windows/Linux: F1

Mac: F1


Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + P

Mac: ALT + P

General settings

Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + S

Mac: ALT + S

Focus Mode toggle

Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + D

Mac: Cmd + D

Zoom entire Rambox

Windows/Linux: CTRL + ALT +  -/+

Mac: Cmd + ALT +  -/+

Zoom only in current app

Windows/Linux: CTRL +  -/+ or

Mac: Cmd +  -/+

Zoom only in current app with mouse wheel/scroll

Windows/Linux: CTRL +  Scroll

Mac: Cmd + Scroll

Quick search

Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + K or CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE

Mac: Cmd + ALT + K or Cmd + SHIFT + SPACE


Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + F

Mac: Cmd + ALT + F


Windows/Linux: ALT + SHIFT + L

Mac: Cmd + ALT + L

Link Handling

Use these keys+click combinations when clicking a link to open it in different ways. You can find more information about these shortcuts in our Link Handling article.

Open link in a new tab

Windows/Linux: SHIFT + Click

Mac: SHIFT + Click

Open link in the background

Windows/Linux: Middle-Click or CTRL + Click

Mac: Middle-Click or Cmd + Click

           *NOTE: In certain Linux distributions, this option will open the link in your default browser, but not in the background. 

Open link handling menu

Windows/Linux: CTRL + SHIFT + Click

Mac: Cmd + SHIFT + Click

You can also hover over the "Tips!" button in the App's Settings and find these Link Handling shortcuts.